Sunday, July 25, 2010

Countdown Complete!

And I managed to squeak in under the deadline, too. Stuff of Legends will be released this Tuesday -- and the revamped website for Stuff of Legends the webcomic is up and running! After all this build up, I wish it was more dramatically different, to be honest, but I'm not much of a web designer. I am pleased with the individual character portraits on the top of each page, though; again, much praise to Brandon Dorman for his cover art on the novel, which inspired Jordan's new look and pose on the front page.

In other news, I now have a facebook page set up for the novel, which I hope you'll Like. Take a peak and tell me what you think of that one, too. I'm hoping someone heard my CFAX interview this afternoon and can tell me how it sounded; I was in a vet's office with an ill cat at the time the interview aired, and didn't think to ask if they had a radio.

Now, back to work on the sequel... or as the current part I'm working on could be called, the Adventures of Giddy and Drippy. Don't ask.



  1. Thank you. That sword was very much taken from the Stuff of Legends cover art by Brandon Dorman. I liked it so much that I changed the description of Jordan the Red's sword in my last draft to match the visual he'd come up with.