Friday, October 1, 2010

Last weekend, this weekend, and bonus features

Getting caught up here, in a bit of a promotional whirlwind at the moment. Last weekend's book signing at Bucknucks Books in Cobble Hill was a fantastic experience all around -- the owners were wonderful hosts, providing me with a table right up front, plenty of food and coffee, and great conversation in the lulls between customers. I sat, I signed, I sold (Can I get that translated into Latin?). I chatted about the book with old friends and with people I'd never met before. There'd been a write-up in the local paper about the event, and I'd slipped a plug for it into a radio interview I did on the CBC a few days earlier, so a lot of people knew about the signing and stopped by. Bucknucks sold 28 copies out of the 30 they'd ordered, and everyone went away happy, me most of all.

Up next, in a few short hours, I'm flying over to Vancouver (by sea-plane, which excites me as much as anything else about the trip) to attend VCON. I'll be taking part in their multi-author book launch tonight at 7pm, and then roaming the rest of the weekend. The book dealer for the event, White Dwarf Books, will have Stuff of Legends for sale, and I'll have bookmarks to give away and a ready pen to sign any copies of the book that cross my path.

As a tangent, I'm really pleased with the bookmarks. Last week, after the realisation that I had no tangible self-promotion material to hand out, I spent a few frantic days designing bookmarks and business cards. I think the results are pretty spiffy, so I hope I can spread them around.

Lastly, the Stuff of Legends facebook page has recently passed 100 Likes, unlocking special bonus content! Pop on over and you'll find two deleted scenes, a character sketch of Kess and Eliott, and an early scribble of an outline for the first act. I'll add more as we go along.