Praise for Stuff of Legends

"Stuff of Legends pokes affectionate fun at the essentials of a certain kind of fantasy tale while expertly executing a variant of that very sort of story."
"There are not enough letters in the word hysterical to sum up the plot, the presentation, or the fantastic characters that this author has put on paper."

"Full of adventure, clever puns, and satirical characters, fantasy fans will love Gibson’s good-natured humor and smart writing."

"Debut author Ian Gibson skillfully skewers fantasy tropes while still telling a rousing story of heroic adventure in Stuff of Legends."

"If Conan the Barbarian met Entourage, you'd get Stuff of Legends. A pleasure to read."
-Jody Lynn Nye

"Laugh-out-loud funny. A send-up of scores of fantasy novels of time past. I'd certainly recommend it."
-Glen Cook