Monday, March 22, 2010

Running Tally

Words written for the sequel to Stuff of Legends today: 265.

Form letters folded and stuffed into envelopes: Somewhere in the vicinity of 350.

My other life is winning.

Don't get me wrong, they're both good lives; the one in which I sit in an office and sell tickets to people simply happens to be drawing on more of my time and energy lately than the one where I take up words against a world of wizards, pirates, and elves. Office-life is also not the one from which I blog (though if anyone wants to learn the minutia of thermal ticket stock ordering or building a complimentary childcare matinee, let me know) -- hence the lack of posts here lately. One day, it'll be really nice to catch myself wondering how I could fit in a couple hours of office work between chapters...

But yes, the writing carries on, in stolen moments. The writing about writing catches what grains of time slip through that thief's hands.


  1. Ian, I hear you about the day job taking over. I take my hour every night no matter what, but you are younger than I am and possibly have a social life that needs nurturing, where I have a family life that needs escaping. (maybe try first thing in the morning instead?)

    Hope you can get back to the writing soon!

  2. Appreciate the sympathy :) Mornings are in fact one of my favourite times to get some writing in, if I can manage a good night's sleep prior (infrequent).