Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting Descriptive

Those of you obsessively refreshing the Stuff of Legends page at (okay, that's just me, isn't it?) may have noticed a small update: I now have a Product Description!

A true legend rescues maidens...pillages temples...and slaughters evil hordes...

But what does he do when all the fun is over?

When an annoyingly eager young man by the name of Eliott, his elfish guardian, and a bard-for-hire magically drop into the life of former hero Jordan the Red, the aged warrior wants nothing to do with them he's had enough of battling the world. But Eliott wants an adventure with the legendary, sword-swinging soldier of fortune-and this hero is about to be forced out of retirement.

Now, to be clear, this isn't something I wrote. It isn't even something that was run past me. I was sent some very similar wordage recently, but only for my own information (I have no idea what the folks at Ace would have done if I'd hated what they came up with, but luckily that's a non-issue in this case). There are also a couple of typos in the amazon write-up ("He's had enough of battling the world" should be its own sentence, "fortune-and" should be something other than hyphenated) -- but all that aside, I'm thrilled to see this. This is how someone other than me has chosen to describe my book, and y'know, it's not that far off the description I used to pitch Stuff of Legends in the first place, last year in the ABNA contest.

So what do you think? Does it do its job?

PS: Starting a count-down from today's blog post; keep watching. (10)

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