Saturday, September 18, 2010

Upcoming Events

I'm stepping into new territory. I'm doing a book signing at Bucknucks Books, and going to a sf/fantasy convention in Vancouver (VCON) to promote Stuff of Legends. What exactly this means I'll be doing, I'm not sure. Okay, I can probably work out the basics involved in the book signing, but self-promotion in general comes about as easily to me as consistently posting blog-content. It's part of the business of being an author, much like auditioning is part of being an actor, but to steal from a bumper-sticker, I'd rather be writing, and if I am writing, I'd rather it be about imaginary places and people far more interesting than myself.

On the other hand, both of these events have the potential to bring me into contact with readers and fans of fantasy, who I've always considered to be some of the most interesting people out there. A voracious imagination is a wonderful thing, and listening to someone talk about what they love, what they hate, and how they are inspired by someone else's fantasies is like a drug to me. No, correct that: it's like a wintergreen candy to me, simultaneously refreshing and causing sparks.

So, come see me at one of these events, I'll do my best to convince you that you want to buy Stuff of Legends (It's funny! It's rollicking adventure! It's got these... words... and things...!), and we can chat about your favourite fantasy stories or whatever fires your imagination.

September 26, 1pm - 5pm
Book Signing at Bucknucks Books
47-1400 Cowichan Bay Rd, Cobble Hill
*Books available for purchase on site, or bring your own copy

October 1, 7pm
VCON Multi-Author Book Launch
Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel, 7571 Westminster Hwy, Richmond
*I'll be around the convention all weekend, if you miss me on Friday.

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